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Direct Aid Iraq (DAI), formerly known as The Direct Aid Initiative, is a humanitarian relief project intended to build bridges of friendship and support with Iraqis displaced as the result of the ongoing Iraqi crises through providing funds for crucial medical expenses. DAI is a program of the Middle East Cultural and Charitable Society founded in partnership with Electronic Iraq.

DAI's Goals

    * To provide direct, timely, and effective support to Iraqis displaced by war and chaos. Since DAI’s inception in early 2007, we have prioritized the provision of high-quality medical care on a case-by-case basis.

    * To build bridges of trust, communication, and solidarity between Iraqis and Americans. Our efforts are coordinated on a day-to-day basis by a partnership of Iraqis and Americans. From that foundation, we reach out to forge people-to-people ties between these two peoples that have been forcibly divided by violence, misinformation, and oppression.

    * To transform the U.S.-based discourse on Iraq by bringing the diverse voices of Iraqis to the central position they deserve. In doing this, we are supporting an engagement with the Iraqi people that is not solely predicated on a US military presence or the so-called “War on Terror”, instead advocating for a new relationship based on constructive peacebuilding, reparations, and dignity.

This effort is not intended as charity. Rather, it is an attempt at ongoing restitution to Iraqis for all that has been lost as a result of devastating sanctions, the 2003 invasion, and the ongoing occupation.

How We Work

Iraqis in the Middle East who are experiencing extreme unmet medical needs are identified by Iraqi team members on a case-by-case basis. Funds are solicited in the United States through speaking events, community gatherings, and through online and printed appeals. Our website, www.directaidiraq.org, provides an action center and the most recent updates on our work with Iraqis displaced by war and chaos.

Arrangements are then made to deliver funds directly to clinics, hospitals or other institutions to cover the costs of medical care. Receipts and other documentation demonstrate our ongoing commitment to transparency and accountability, both to contributors and recipients. We are happy to provide reports and further information to potential or current donors on a case-by-case basis.

Working with a team of Iraqis and Americans based both in Jordan and in the United States, Direct Aid Iraq works closely in consultation with members of the Iraqi refugee community to ensure that aid is targeted where it can be most useful, promotes collaboration between the various Iraqi communities, and increases the self-sufficiency and resilience of our Iraqi partners. Aid is given on the basis of determined need, without religious, ethnic, or political discrimination.

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