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We encourage you to link to electronicIraq.net, including to any individual pages or sections that you wish to link to. You do not need to ask permission to link to our site. Pages will never move in the future without a redirect so your links will not break. A 16K, 468x60 pixel, JPG banner ad appears below:

If you wish to host dynamic headlines from any of our content streams, see the paragraph about Syndication below.


Electronic Iraq offers an excellent free service to friendly websites to enable your webmasters to add small boxes of dynamically-updating headlines about the US-Iraq crisis. Selections may include any or all of our content sections. Choose from News & Analysis, Opinion/Editorial, Iraq Diaries, International Law, Aid & Development, Art, Music & Culture and Action & Activism.

To begin, access our web feed generator, choose the content you need, customise the exact look of the headlines to match your website's design, and copy the code to your site. When we add an article to any content section, any headlines that include that content section on your site will be instantly updated.

Above: Homepage of the Michiana Peace and Justice Coalition (MPJC). The arrow points to syndicated headlines from Electronic Iraq's Action & Activism section. Click here to visit the site and see them working.
Freshly changing content on your page encourages repeat visitors to your site, even when the links lead elsewhere, a "portal effect ". Adding syndicated content from electronicIraq.net or from our sister site electronicIntifada.net is a great way of offering trusted content to your visitors. Here is an example of our Action and Activism feed in use on the website of the Michiana Peace and Justice Coalition.

The Electronic Iraq and Electronic Intifada servers have multiple power backups, redundant connections to the Internet, and 24 hour network monitoring. With a 99.9% uptime, your visitors -- all else being equal -- will not experience any delays resulting from our servers.

Copyright and fair use

All material on this website is copyright of the author and/or original source. You are encouraged to freely print out and forward material from our site using the "Print this" and E-mail this" features, and you are encouraged to freely mass photocopy our printable pages for educational and activist use.

However, for reprints on other websites or in web or print publications, we do ask you to get in touch to ask for permission. In most cases, this will be speedily granted where we have been permitted to make that decision. Where we have not, you will be referred to the original author or source.

This page is part of Electronic Iraq/electronicIraq.net. Views expressed on this page may or may not be representative of Electronic Iraq or its founders. All material on this website is copyright © 2003-2007 of the author or original source. See our Note for Webmasters for more information about our dissemination-friendly linking, syndication, and reprint policies. Contact Us.

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