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Electronic Iraq is a news portal committed to providing a uniquely comprehensive look at Iraq and the violence that has engulfed it. eIraq was launched in February 2003 to provide a humanitarian perspective on the looming conflict in Iraq. The site quickly became a respected and vital resource unparalleled in its track record of providing news and analysis with a fresh and unique focus on the experiences of the Iraqi people enduring the daily tragedy and chaos of war.

Direct Aid Iraq
<b>Direct Aid Iraq (DAI)</b>, formerly known as <b>The Direct Aid Initiative</b> is a humanitarian relief project intended to build bridges of friendship and support with Iraqis displaced as the result of the ongoing Iraqi crises through providing funds for crucial medical expenses. DAI is a program of the Middle East Cultural and Charitable Society founded in partnership with Electronic Iraq. DAI maintains its own website at www.directaidiraq.org

Electronic Iraq is Looking for Translators!
Are you fluent in Arabic and English? Would you like to help Electronic Iraq bring Iraqi voices and viewpoints to an international audience? Electronic Iraq is actively expanding its commitment and capacity to bring news, views, and voices from Iraq to a worldwide audience. To achieve this end, Electronic Iraq must translate articles, analysis, Op Eds, and human-interest stories from the Iraqi media. We are currently seeking experienced and dependable translators for this project.

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Contacting the Electronic Iraq team.

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This page offers information on how to financially support the work of Electronic Iraq.

Guidelines for Content Submission
Information and specifications for submissions of photographs and writing to electronicIraq.net.

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