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Iraqi journalist sent to jail for critical reporting in Iraqi Kurdistan
Report, Committee to Protect Journalists (Nov 10, 2008)
The Iraqi Kurdistan court of appeals should act immediately to overturn a judge's ruling on Tuesday to impose a one-month prison term against a journalist who published critical reports about the Sulaymania courthouse. The journalist's lawyer said newly adopted legislation does not appear to allow such a prison sentence. GO

Iraqi Interior Ministry initiative to protect journalists
Report, Reporters Without Borders (Oct 23, 2008)
Reporters Without Borders hails the Iraqi Interior Ministry's creation of a hotline for journalists in danger just a few weeks after it set up a special police unit to investigate murders of journalists. Created jointly with the Journalistic Freedoms Observatory in Iraq, a Reporters Without Borders partner organization, the hotline may have already saved lives. Two journalists in the southern city of Basra eluded threats by calling the number and getting the security forces to intervene. GO

New Wave of Violence Against Iraqi Journalists
Shawkat Al-Bayati, Electronic Iraq (Oct 18, 2008)
Iraqi journalists have faced a fresh bout of violence in recent weeks, which is seen by some observers as a renewed attempt to undermine free media in the country. Since last month, at least five media workers have been killed and several others injured. Earlier this week, Dyar Abas Ahmed, a Kurdish journalist, was gunned down in the northern city of Kirkuk, according to the New-York-based Committee to Protect Journalists. GO

Young Iraqi reporter gunned down
Report, Committee to Protect Journalists (Oct 16, 2008)

A young Iraqi reporter was shot dead in Kirkuk, reports the Committee to Protect Journalists. Dyar Abas Ahmed, a correspondent with the independent online news site Eye Iraq, was walking in a street in the center of Kirkuk with a friend on October 10 when he was shot six times in the head and chest by unidentified gunmen, CPJ reports. He was declared dead at the scene.


An Iraqi journalist defies death, finds hope in U.S.
Report, Committee to Protect Journalists (Oct 8, 2008)
Iraqi cameraman Jehad Ali survived a 2005 assassination attempt, but his right leg was shattered and his career threatened. Since then, colleagues have raised money for medical care, surgeons in California have offered to reconstruct the limb, and, now, Ali has cleared another big hurdle: He's gained permission to enter the United States. GO

New journalists' union leader targeted in Baghdad bomb attack
Statement, International Federation of Journalists (Sep 23, 2008)
The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) today vigorously condemned a targeted bomb attack on the President of the Iraqi Union of Journalists (IUJ) in Baghdad only seven months after his predecessor was shot dead by extremists. The IFJ is demanding increased security for the union and personal protection for its leaders. GO

Four from al-Sharqiya TV killed in Mosul; arrests made
Report, Committee to Protect Journalists (Sep 17, 2008)
The Committee to Protect Journalists welcomes the arrest of suspects in the killing of three journalists and a media worker in Mosul on Saturday. CNN reported that two suspects have been arrested in Mosul, according to Gen. Jalal Tawfeeq, military operations commander of Nineveh province, who spoke to al-Sharqiya. According to Reuters, Brig.-Gen. Khalid Abdul Sattar, the spokesman for Iraqi military operations in Mosul and Nineveh province, said police had arrested five suspects. GO

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